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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

Originally, I had arranged to borrow a serger sewing machine from a friend until I had enough sales revenue to buy my own. This plan was the first casualty of fate. Once the machine was set up and we began sewing it soon became clear that the machine was in need of servicing. The tension was difficult to get right and the machine kept skipping stitches. Plan B: buy a new serger. Let the research begin!

After hours of online research and consulting with people I had an idea of what I needed and wanted. So off I went to Sewing Machines Plus. I expected to be assisted by grey haired women 50 years or older. I have no idea why – I guess this shows my own age and bias as to who the target market is for sewing machines! I was greeted by a young man – no more than 25 years old. He was quite knowledgeable, but was quick to tell me that he was not the best person to discuss sergers with – his supervisor was far more knowledgeable on these machines. Thinking that I was about to meet the person I expected, I was caught off guard again to be introduced to another young man – with an encyclopedic knowledge of the machines I wanted to test out. I guess sewing isn’t just done by grandmothers anymore!

After spending quite a bit of time discussing the pro’s and con’s of different machines I settled on a Juki 654DE. And wow, does this machine purr! It is a basic work horse of a machine and it does the job very well. The price was very reasonable at $340, but there went my attempt to even out my start up spending curve! But hey, I have a really cool new toy. And I have used it. A lot. Already.

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  1. That is a great price for a serger. I sew a lot and I know the difference using a serger can make on a finished garment. Excellent choice

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