5-piece Set of Reusable Drinking Straws


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Plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past. New York, California, and Hawaii have banned plastic straws at the statewide level, with many other cities in the US and across the world in varying stages of implementing bans. Unfortunately, the paper, bamboo and grass straws that have been replacing them do not perform as well, and are still disposable and contribute to the pollution problem. The best option is to provide your own re-usable straw. 


This stainless steel straw set comes with two standard diameter straws – one straight and one bent, as well as a larger milkshake or boba-sized straw. They come in a cute cotton bag for easy storage in your bag, and a straw brush designed to fit them perfectly for efficient cleaning.

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Cotton, Stainless Steel


Re-Usable, Sustainable, eco-friendly, storage bag


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