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Steer clear of chemical-laden deodorants. No one wants to smell of body odor. But the commercially produced deodorants are full of chemicals that have been tenuously linked to health issues. While the links are suggestive at this time, studies have yielded conflicting results and more research is needed. Many people are switching to natural alternatives, but many of them are simply not effective.

Get Closer All Natural Deodorant is a healthier alternative that works. Witch hazel is anti-bacterial and reduces moisture and oils from the skin. Colloidal Silver is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal that helps keep us stink-free, Grapefruit Seed Extract acts as an anti-fungal and an essential oil blend of fresh citrus scents that are both anti-bacterial and keep you smelling fresh. I use Geogard ECT (Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, and Sorbic Acid) as a natural broad-spectrum preservative. Geogard ECT is EcoCert and COSMOS certified, is all-natural, and provides the best protection to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth in the bottle. A preservative is essential to any formulation that includes water (which is an ingredient in the colloidal silver). I have researched to find the best, natural, organic one that is effective in low concentrations.


Chemicals Found in Commercial Deodorants

Parabens – used as a preservative in deodorant. There is an increasing concern that parabens are linked to cancer, including breast cancer. More research is needed.

Aluminum – inhibits bacteria growth and blocks sweat glands. There is a suspected link between aluminum and gene instability that could lead to breast cancer. The evidence is circumstantial at this point, however, the National Cancer Institute is calling for more research into the possibility.

Triclosan – acts as a preservative and kills bacteria on the skin. Not much is known about human impacts, but 75% of humans have detectable levels of it in their urine. Recent studies in animals show that triclosan may impact the thyroid and hormone functions.

Phthalates – are used to help deodorant stick to your skin. Recent studies have linked phthalates to disrupt hormone actions in our bodies.

Fragrance – this category can include any number of chemicals and the manufacturer does not need to disclose them.




Ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate, Colloidal Silver, Citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, 

Essential Oils, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, and Sorbic Acid.


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