Re-Usable ‘Paper’ Towels


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Paper towels are horrible for the environment. They contribute to deforestation and climate change. I used to be a proponent of the paper towels that were half-sized, thinking they were a better choice, but then I found out that the two premier manufacturers don’t use ANY recycled content it the towels OR their packaging! So I started looking for an alternative. Tea towels were the obvious choice, however, they are large, too bulky for some tasks, and good quality ones are expensive. 

These towels are made from your choice of a cotton/poly blend or 100% linen – both natural fibers. They have been pre-washed, but every time they are washed they get softer and more absorbent. Each towel measures 12 x 12 inches. One pack has 30 towels and they come in a cute waterproof basket that looks nice on the countertop. Use just like you would a paper towel, then toss in the wash and re-use!


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